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The highest priority of the Institute for Child Development Foundation is to help persons with autism and their families. One of the ways in which we pursue this goal is organizing international scientific symposiums devoted to effective treatment of ASD, during which experts share their experience and research with each other. Recently (22 march 2024), the 14th International Scientific Symposium titled “Social inclusion of individuals with ASD” was held online. It proved a huge success – we reached almost 11 thousand people through social media, our websites, and the ClickMeeting platform.

In the future, we will keep organizing similar online events in April – the Autism Awareness Month. If you wish to participate in these events, we invite you to visit our website.

You can learn more about the IWRD Foundation’s activities, the offer of our clinic, and the courses held at our teacher training center at www.fundacja.iwrd.pl/en/

If you’re looking for a valuable resource on treating autism spectrum disorders, visit the website of our online training series: www.15minutesfortreatment.com

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